urban Next expanding architecture to rethink cities

urbanNext is a new multiplatform focused on the development and dissemination of content and research about contemporary urban environments on a global
scale, targeted to a highly active community related to architecture, engineering and design professionals. urbanNext is meant to serve as a DESIGN THINKING HUB for addressing challenges as well as architectural and design solutions related to the built environment in all its different densities.

urbanNext is promoted by Actar Publishers, a publishing house based in New York and Barcelona, with more than 20 years of experience publishing books on architecture,
photography and design. Content will be co-produced by a broad network of
researchers, architects, urban planners, engineers, economists, sociologists, ecologists, anthropologists, investors, artists, journalists, cultural agents, entrepreneurs, professors and citizens around the world.

Our main goal is to generate a global network to produce content focused on rethinking cities; the network is designed to generate a working structure and a multidisciplinary authorial platform for collaborations between people who have an interest in working, thinking and reflecting on design practices and their future. urbanNext is dedicated to distributing content through multiple channels, formats and media (print, digital,
audiovisual, and even exhibitions or events). This convergence of resources, teams and media allows for a new collective narrative, which we call transmedia.

urbanNext opens up a direct channel of communication with architects, urbanists, engineers and designers of the urban environment, who have a role in thinking about,
changing and enhancing the human condition through the building industry, urban design and urban planning, landscape architecture and engineering.

We promote three main lines of production and dissemination of content:
1. Think Tank — urbanNext is dedicated to founding a real think tank to engage in the debate the existing complexities and the immediate future of architecture by focusing on the conditions of urbanized environments. Curatorial and editorial activities are the core elements of this multiplatform.
2. Distribution — Most of the diffusion and dissemination of content is channeled through three types of media: published books (print and e-books), audiovisual production and an internet multiplatform.
3. Visibility — In order to provide visibility for all of the content and proposals generated by urbanNext, the platform may curate and organize exhibitions in museums, galleries and others spaces at collaborating institutions. This is a way of ensuring that the proposals and
conclusions generated by this multiplatform will be available to the general


Mo Segura
+ 34 610040004


T: @urbannext_net
E. mo@urbannext.net
W. urbannext.net


New York Office
355 Lexington Ave., 8th FL, NY, NY 10017
Tel: 212-966-2207 / Fax: 212-966-2214


Barcelona Office
Carrer Roca i Batlle, 2, 08023 Barcelona
T+ 34 934 18 77 59 info@urbannext.net



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