EFLA Regional Congress

EFLA Regional Congress
VI:th ICON LA International Conference
June 11-15, 2012
“Green Infrastructure: from global to local”
St. Petersburg (Russia), Uppsala and Stockholm (Sweden)
Details of the conference are available at http://www.icon-la.org
The main objective of this international event is to raise the attention and awareness among scientists, urban planners, landscape architects, city administrations and other stakeholders on the importance of creating sustainable green infrastructure in the cities and using the full potentials of green infrastructure for primary production, biodiversity development, ecosystems services, recreation and mitigation of consequences of globalisation and climate change.

There will be 7 subthemes in the conference:

– Green Infrastructure in different scales;
– Green Heritage;
– Green-Blue infrastructures;
– Built structure-Green infrastructure and their interactions;
– Green infrastructures: ecosystem services;
– The link between green and social infrastructure;
– Transportation and green infrastructures.

The conference will consist of total 5 days:
11-12 June – St. Petersburg, conference presentations and a technical excursion
13 June – “Allegro” train St. Petersburg-Helsinki, excursion in Helsinki and boat-ferry “Viking Line” between Helsinki and Stockholm
14 June – Technical excursions in Stockholm and Uppsala.
15 June – Uppsala, conference presentations
Conference fee
The registration fee is 300 Euro for 5 days which includes coffee breaks, lunches, ticket to the Allegro train (St. Petersburg to Helsinki), the ferry trip with one meal (From Helsinki to Stockholm), excursion buses in Uppsala and St. Petersburg and a copy of the conference proceedings.
The scientific output will be in the form of a peer-reviewed conference abstract proceedings (will be completed before the conference) and a special issue in one of the peer reviewed publications (Urban Forestry and Urban Greening, Landscape and Ecological Engineering or Nordic Architectural Research etc.) after the conference. Editors of these scientific journals will be invited to the conference.
The keynote speakers are world leading academics and practitioners: Martha Schwartz (USA , UK), one of the leading world’s landscape architects, Professor Nancy Rottle from the University of Washington, USA; Professor Stephan Pauleit from Munich Technical University, Germany, Dr. Larisa Kanunnikova, the Main Landscape Architect of St. Petersburg, Professors Clas Florgård, world specialist in indigenous vegetation and Per G Berg, DG Environment (EU) expert for the European Green Capital Award from SLU, Sweden.
This conference is the EFLA (European Federation for Landscape Architecture) Regional Congress. EFLA General Assembly meeting will take part on June 9-10 in St. Petersburg. Invited to the conference are also IFLA (International Federation of Landscape Architects) and its members.


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